Bench marks.

A brunch-fuelled morning in Bath where – even with your eyes closed – you would know it’s Sunday.

It’s where you can watch – and hear –  the rumble coming from the week-end suitcases the hen groups are dragging over the city’s cracked pavements – as they make their way home.

Apart from national brewery and spirit companies – and privately-owned rental properties – Bath gains little from their presence – other than paying for the clean up.

(Another) Touch of glass.

On that note, it’s great to see another food and drink chain setting up in the city, but you are going to have to do something about the rubbish smokers and drinkers leave alongside your Milsom Street front door.

Surely – not good for your image!?

Ban smoking in public – or at least leave something for them to put the filthy stubs in.

Speaking of appearances. Congratulations to the owners of the Southgate Shopping Centre for finally doing something to humanise its rather sterile open spaces.

Nice touch.

The Brunel Square alongside Bath Spa station appears to be the first bit to benefit with really nice seating around trees now installed – and even a novelty stone bench tribute to the attractions of Bath.

Love these.

Meanwhile, across the road, there’s evidence of new anti-terrorist security measures and – hopefully – more attractive seating features to come?

The new security bollards at Southgate.

I was hoping Aviva Investors – who apparently own Southgate – also owned the Westgate Shopping Centre in Oxford.

The Westgate Shopping Centre in Oxford

They would gain further praise from me as, in the town of university spires, the shopping centre also incorporates the city library.

Shame our planners had not been so forward thinking but maybe – in Oxford – they can do it as the city council owns the land.

Beds cleared but photo taken prior to the wall being cleaned.

Great to see Bath BID have cleared the overgrown shrubs and rubbish AND cleaned the wall on the edge of the Manvers Street car park – but is it going to be planted up?

It looks so bleak and barren against the containers piled behind on the still deserted development that is going to be a new Indigo Hotel??!!

Looking across from the old police station to the ‘new’.

Meanwhile – as we are near the One Stop Shop – can’t resist an ironic smile when it comes to all those local politicians claiming victory over getting a NEW police station put back in the heart of the city. –  Ironically, re-introduced across the road from where it originally was.

Screenshot 2019-04-14 at 11.35.17
The planning application

If you look at the planning application for changes to Lewis House it mentions a new enquiry desk, replacement interview room and a hot-desk area for neighbourhood policing teams.

Oh – and ensuring the words ‘Police Station’ are added to internal and external signs.