No Easter at the east end.

Sorry to say Easter won’t be celebrated at the east end of  Bath Abbey this year after all.


It’s proving to be more time consuming in relaying restored and repaired ledger stones and so May is a more likely date for the congregation to move up the church to allow another area of flooring to be opened up.

Looking through the observation window this morning – where the memorial stones are being re-laid. This will have to be completed before the project can move elsewhere in the Abbey.

Project Director Alix Gilmer tells me: “The East end is unlikely to be open for Easter and we are currently confirming the programme for handover of Phase 1 with Emery’s.”

Externally, on the north side of the Abbey workmen have finished enlarging the pavement by the bus top which will certainly make it safer for those queuing for the bus.

However, the red bus guides tell me they are not looking forward to the next big rainstorm because it appears the tarmac extension has been laid over a drain cover. A new river for Westgate Street?


Off down through the railway arch by Bath Spa Station and noticing new circular seating and a new stone wall – with an incised side – on Brunel Square.


That – l am hearing – is where an inscribed plaque will be fixed with the names of Bath greats upon it.

That’s historic ones as l understand it – just in case you are thinking of queueing up with your fivers!


I also hear some of this circular seating may be putting in an appearance in the middle of the Southgate Shopping Centre as part of their improvement scheme.

While l continually go on about how Bath doesn’t promote its waters enough – both hot and cold – l do hear Southgate will at least have a drinking fountain!

Finally – almost – town planners when will you design in ‘human nature’ with your walkways.

The following photograph makes my point. Something about path of least resistance.


Finally, bursting sticky buds by the river lifted my soul.



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  1. Good to see some work to give features to that bleak plaza outside the railway station – people’s first sight of Bath if they arrive that way!

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