Trying something different.

Traders on the High Street are having a tough time – as we know.

Elsewhere on Bath Newseum is a Bath BID story about some of its members are getting involved in a new ‘special offer’ scheme to tempt locals into their cafes, restaurants, hotels and shops.

I thought l would go in search of some of the more unusual businesses trying to make their mark in this city.

May Oceanus bring us success!

What better way than to start with one trying to do its bit to re-connect people with the river that runs through this ‘architectural gem’ on the Avon.

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Paul Brimble and Teresa Hall

Paul Brimble and Teresa Hall have taken over a Dutch barge that’s been moored beneath the bridge on North Parade since 1981.

All aboard The Avon Parade.

They’ve changed its name, abandoned previous careers, swabbed the decks and intend attracting locals and visitors with locally sourced food and their own good humour.

Bath Newseum went to ask them how this all came about.


Plenty of positive energy there, from Teresa and Paul, but l will leave you all with the relevant details and you can go make up your own minds.