Bath kids speak up for life on planet Earth.

They cheered the cyclists and booed the four wheel drivers – though it could be argued many of them were regularly dropped off at school in one.

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Cheers for cyclists
Boos for four wheel drivers.

The day after B&NES declared a ‘climate emergency’ for the local authority,  many youngsters were ‘on strike’ and had left school to gather outside Bath’s Guildhall to protest against the lack of international action to tackle climate change.


What a turn out!

This was the biggest demo l have witnessed in the city during my eight years living in Bath.

Literally hundreds of placard waving youngsters – many with teaching or parental physical support – shouting to make themselves heard.

Bath’s Mayor Cllr Patrick Anketell-Jones was the first civic leader to go across and have a word with the kids.

Cllr Bob Goodman and the Mayor of Bath, Cllr Patrick Anketell-Jones

He was followed by cabinet member Cllr Bob Goodman who is spearheading the city’s Clean Air Zone and whose daughter was somewhere amongst the protestors.

Sound captured on iPhone and forgive wind noise.

Lib Dem Cllr Rob Appleyard was also there to add support. He co-sponsored ( with Cllr Mark Shelford) a cross party motion  for the council to declare a ‘climate emergency’  which was passed last night.

Cllr Appleyard on the left of frame.

Numbers got to a critical point where passing traffic was often forced to a halt.


Not sure that this is artwork either – but it got the messages across.


It was an amazing turn out. I don’t know how many youngsters were from private or state schools.

I don’t know whether these were centrally-based students or whether there were others from the fringes of the city.


What the city witnessed was a concerted effort by the younger members of society to make their voices heard on a subject that directly affects their future.


I am old enough to have seen street action from slightly older students.

It was ironic to see bus loads of university undergraduates passing through the demo area in splendid isolation from the street.  Some thought they should be out on it too.

University students pass through on a shuttle bus.

Here’s the point the youngsters led off to march around the city.

I hope they get to see this and be proud of the day they showed the so-called grown ups how to do it.

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  1. Really not sure about this one. On one level I am delighted to see these youngsters taking a firm stance on such an important issue, but on the other hand it’s a day off school. I would be more impressed if this was during a school holiday or if students decided to write letters to their MP in their own time.

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