March for Europe

As a paid journalist l had to remain neutral and reflect both sides of any event or argument but now – as l no longer draw a wage – l feel more able to voice my own opinion.

I am a supporter of remaining in a united Europe and will be joining the thousands already committed to marching for their beliefs in London on March 23rd.

So l am happy to publish a press release received today. It speaks for itself. Photos are by Clive Dellard.

‘Rain and wind from Storm Freya did not deter dozens of Bath for Europe supporters who turned out for the group’s monthly rally and march through the city centre on Sunday 3rd March.

March Pulse 1

The group, who have consistently supported remaining in the EU, chanted their message loud and clear: the government must put Brexit to the people with a People’s Vote, in view of the fact Mrs. May appears to be running down the clock to the very last minute as March the 29th looms. Parliament is unable to agree on a way forward.

Emma Knaggs, Chair of the pro-EU group, said, ‘The only solution is for the people to be given the final say on our nation’s future. Brexit will be catastrophic for Bath, the South West and for our country as a whole.’

With flags and banners flying, the crew of all ages, many wearing the iconic Bath bEUret, marched from Bath Abbey Churchyard up Milsom Street via Queen Square to Saw Close, outside the Theatre Royal.

They handed out leaflets promoting the ‘Put It To The People’ march in London on Saturday, March 23rd.

March Pulse 2

Bath for Europe are putting on eight coaches to the London March and, in collaboration with Bristol with Europe, chartered a train which sold out in four days.

Full details about tickets (students and children travel free), can be found on their website

Last October’s march for a People’s Vote, also known as a referendum on the final deal, attracted 700,000 peaceful protesters and this one promises to be even bigger.”

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  1. Well for 85,000 (approx) in the city, I don’t see many there??!!,how many? are TRUE Bathonians??
    We all know their wasn’t 700,000 in October, more like a 200,000.
    And if you loose again? A third / forth vote!!
    I’ve had second thoughts, but if this is overturned? Democracy is DEAD in the UK. But hay, the “elite” know best!

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