Ladies of Bath

A tour of many of Bath’s architectural and historical hi-lights with absolutely no charge. That has always been the mission statement of the Mayor of Bath’s Honorary Guides.

A group of trained volunteers who love their city enough to take tourists and locals around it without even a tip changing hands.

From time to time – apart from the twice daily tours that set off from outside the Pump Room – the guides lay on ‘specials.’

There are a couple coming up to celebrate International Women’s Day on Friday March 8th and Saturday March 16th.

Both begin at 2.30 pm from outside the entrance to the Roman Baths and will feature a walk around the streets of the central city with lots of stories about the 18th and 19th century celebrity women of Bath.

Pictured on the poster is Emma Hamilton – perhaps one of the ‘infamous’ women featured – and there are lots more! There is no charge.