Are taxis electric

Ultra-low emission taxi drivers in Bath and North East Somerset are getting ten rapid electric charging points after the council was successfully awarded £412,000 to fund them.

More than 300 charging points are to be installed for ultra-low emission taxis across the country following the government’s announcement of more than £6 million to 17 local authorities.

Bath & North East Somerset Council was awarded half of the funding earmarked for councils in the South West with Bristol and Cornwall being the other authorities to benefit. This is in addition to other Government funding which has been already secured through the Go Ultra Low West programme for more public charging points in Bath and North East Somerset.

Councillor Bob Goodman, cabinet member for Development and Neighbourhoods, said: “This is excellent news and is another step in the right direction towards our commitment for a cleaner and greener Bath and North East Somerset. The Government’s target is that all new cars and vans will be zero emission by 2040 and investment in the infrastructure to help achieve that is essential. This also chimes with our proposals looking at a clean air zone for Bath and also reducing our carbon emissions.”

The locations for the charging points have not yet been decided but will be spread across Bath and North East Somerset following a consultation with taxi drivers about the best and most accessible places to install them.

Bath & North East Somerset Council has been told by the government – along with 27 other local authorities, to reduce levels of nitrogen dioxide NO2 in the air by 2021 at the latest.

Last year the council undertook a six-week consultation on a proposal for a clean air zone in the city, which would see charges for higher emission vehicles driving in the zone. Low emission vehicles would be exempt. A report on this is due to go before the council’s cabinet on March 5.