Bikes not wanted?

A little bit of council activity in New King Street has got one Bath Newseum follower’s attention. Roger Houghton writes:

Just noticed that all the bikes chained to the railings in New King Street have sprouted removal notices.
B&NES, of course, don’t own the railings and I’ve never thought any caused an obstruction. Is this a new policy? What constitutes obstruction?img_20190128_131700

Fine if they really are abandoned but most certainly aren’t. The owners may live in top-floor flats with no access to outside space and it seems an over-zealous policy. B&NES should be encouraging cyclists, not hounding them.

(Parked cars lining both sides of the street are, of course not a problem.)

I have approached B&NES for comment.


  1. They may not actually be an “obstruction” but bikes chained to railings are a problem beyond the obvious unsightliness. Railings are wrought iron and will, if given a simple smack with a hammer (in order to steal the bike), shatter. The repair / replacement cost is then significant and the unsightliness greater.

    Cyclists take note. Railings are not a secure place to chain a bike to.

    Best regards

    John (a cyclist)

  2. A spokesperson for B&NES has told me: “A number of bikes chained to the railings in New King Street were partially blocking doorways and causing an obstruction. Removal notices were therefore issued.”

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