Give us a clue?

I apologise in advance if l am missing something here – and that this is all about raising awareness or supporting a particular charity – but all these scarves, bobble hats and gloves that appeared over the city centre this week-end are just littering up our streets.


The attached notices – about helping yourself and keeping yourself warm – are all very socially noble in these selfish and austere times – but l can’t help thinking all we are doing is adding more clutter to our streets?


Someone has to clear it all up.


Meanwhile Milsom Street appears to be disappearing behind new scaffolding.


I thought at first it was a platform to take down the Christmas street lights but maybe B&NES has decided to leave them up for next Christmas to save money?!

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  1. Giving clothing during these cold months in a Good Thing, but there’s no doubt that the town in the past few years has become shabby, and there’s no signs of improvement. It’s especially noticeable in and around the Kingsmead Square area. It’s not a good look for a town that’s fond of ranking itself – somewhat optimistically – alongside other European World Heritage spa cities.

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