A bit of a change at the nursery

Bearing how well Bath and flowers have always gone together – and how hard the Parks Department team work to make our award-winning public beds bloom – l was a little worried to see a planning application in to demolish greenhouses at the B&NES Nursery in Royal Victoria park.

screenshot 2019-01-18 at 12.12.59

Was this another major cost-saving exercise to stop growing our own plants and maybe buy them in from elsewhere? Turns out l didn’t need to worry.

A spokesperson for the council told Bath Newseum.

“The council’s Parks Department needs to create more space to grow a wider range of perennial plants.

These plants grow better outside as opposed to being under glass. As a result four of the seventeen greenhouses at Royal Victoria Park will be removed.

screenshot 2019-01-18 at 11.49.09
Some of the glass houses at the nursery in Royal Victoria park.

The park’s team will continue to grow annual flowers together with the extended range of perennials, a wide selection of which are available for purchase at our plant shop in the Nursery.”