Another unhappy ending.

Sad to see another well-established business announcing closure. This bargain bookshop has been trading at the Bog Island end of Pierrepont Street for around 35 years.

Ironically – for Good Buy Books – it’s good bye books now.

I am told it’s a mixture of bad health and falling sales. Another victim maybe to our growing love of on-line purchasing.

A noisy jay chattering in the bare branches of a tree in Sydney Gardens.

Meanwhile, enjoying the sunshine above Sydney Gardens a noisy jay chattering amongst bare branches.

Looks like the Parks Department has been busy with the pruning shears around the entrances to Wessex Water’s underground reservoirs at the tope of Sydney Gardens. Laurel leaf cover reduced to nil.
I was told the underground reservoirs are fed by cold water springs and still contribute to our city supplies.

Maybe it’s voicing its objections to the laurel clearance taking place now. The entrances to Wessex Water’s underground reservoir were until recently completely covered by greenery. It’s all now been cut away.

A lovely dry stone wall – by the side entrance to Sydney Gardens – is at risk of a sizeable collapse. Would be great if someone could fill the hole and prevent it happening.

And sad to see a lovely dry stone wall in danger of collapse.

I know there are great HLF funded plans in store for the grounds, but a couple of stones inserted in the hole now would save a lot of work later.