Bring back the park keeper.

It’s good to know that the supporters of a revamped Sydney Gardens can look forward to a new year in which their dreams can begin to come true – thanks to Heritage Lottery funding.

However, can l just point out that whatever wonderful restoration work is done, nothing can be truly achieved without re-instating the Park Keeper.

Minerva’s temple in Sydney Gardens.

B&NES austerity took him away and, since then, there has been no one to keep a watchful daily eye and stop outbreaks of vandalism at various points within this historic public space.

Someone might have been able to scold whoever brushed their dog and left the fur everywhere too!

It looks like dog hair everywhere.

On that subject, a new-look park must have designated dog areas.

Too often l have seen our four-legged friends urinating over grassed areas on which babies are seen to crawl later in the day.

It is – after all – not a general dog run but a facility for everyone.