Bus – stop!

Emma Knaggs writes:
Despite the rain, around 50 people welcomed the Bollocks to Brexit bus tour on Saturday 15th December as it made a stop in Bath city centre.
Members of Bath for Europe sang alternative Christmas carols to keep warm while they waited for the controversial visit.
On-board, EU Supergirl Madeleina Kay who called for a Final Say on the Brexit deal and serenaded the gathered crowd with her song ‘Vote Leave Broke the Law’.
She was joined by legal expert Joel Baccas and by Faux BoJo (Drew Galdron), who riffed on popular songs as the former Foreign Secretary and chief Brexiter Boris Johnson.
Bath for Europe, a non-party aligned campaign group, welcomed this bus which supports the campaign for people to have a say on the final Brexit deal.
Following yet another chaotic week in Westminster and Brussels, it’s time to take the decision back to the people. This is not demand for just another referendum as now, we all know far more about the costs and implications of Brexit.

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  1. B to B? 50 people!! Out of 86,000!
    O yea, all the students have gone back home! Talk about “oldies” theirs plenty there by the looks of it

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