Oh carols!

Bath Newseum doesn’t take paid advertisements and isn’t an ‘ad mag’ by any means but there’s a bit of history behind this poster as Kate Patrick explains:
“The Carols by Candlelight concerts have been going since 1947, when they were first conducted by the choir’s founder Cuthbert Bates.
We have traditionally performed the concert on three nights in the Pump Room, specially rearranged into an auditorium, with Christmas trees, sparkly lights etc.
We do come on by candlelight but, sadly, safety requirements mean that we can’t perform the whole concert just by candlelight! Still – it does all feel really Christmassy.
Last year we took the decision to do the first night at St Michael’s Without which made a lovely contrast (and is almost entirely lit by candles) – we all enjoyed it so much that we’re going back there again this year and our musical director Nigel Perrin has slightly adapted the programme in places for the more echoey acoustic.
Screenshot 2018-12-10 at 15.16.38
The programme is always an engaging mix of Christmas music old and new – some of it is carols but always arranged in interesting ways, and there are some jazz arrangements too. We also invite a local school choir to come and do two or three songs, and a young virtuoso instrumental soloist.
This year we have the winner from Bath Young Musician and also one of the finalists; plus a fabulous pianist who was taught by Nigel at Wells Cathedral School and is now studying for her masters degree at the Royal Academy.”