Come support an Organathon!

An organathon is something new to me but that’s just what they’ve organised at Christ Church in Bath for next Wednesday, December 12th.

Keith Pigot, organist and Assistant Director of Music at Christ Church in Julian Road, will be playing the organ for a marathon 12 hours to raise funds for the repair and restoration of the fine 3 manual organ, which includes some original 1799 John Avery Pipework.

The total cost of the project is £106,000 of which there is a £46,000 shortfall.

IMG_0977 (1)
Organist, Keith Pigot.

Keith says: “This is not a recital, but I will be performing from an expansive repertoire of organ music and improvising, for 12 hours with only occasional 5 minute comfort breaks, if needed. I shall be playing on a substitute 2-manual digital organ as the main organ is already out of action.

When the organ repair is complete, we will have one of the finest organs in Bath and the planned recital series will draw professional organists from this area and further afield to showcase the instrument”. 9.00 and 11 a.m. and 12 noon and 2, we will be serving, coffee, cakes, mulled wine and mince pies, so please join us on the day, for some beautiful music at Christ Church in the lead up to Christmas.

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Donations of “£” notes for “🎶 ”notes on the day would be gratefully received towards this essential fund-raising project!

More details of the project can be found on Keith’s Just Giving Page