What are we waiting for?

Well there must be plenty of ways to travel to Bath’s annual Christmas Market but arriving from London in a rail carriage pulled by a 1940’s steam locomotive has got to be an exciting and romantic way of entering the city.

I was in Sydney Gardens to watch The Cathedral Express rushing through on her way to the station. Enthusiasts will know this engine better as a Black 5 44871. Grateful to Mike Godwin for that information too!

The train was bringing steam enthusiasts from London Victoria.

That was coming out of town. Going in l am afraid l took another issue into my own hands. Regulars know l go on about the disappearing cycle hoops outside the Guildhall.

I knew my French vine knife would come in handy one day!

Those that remain – AND others on the other side of the High Street by The Corridor – still bear the plastic tags that carried notices saying the hoops would be removed for the Remembrance Day parade.

Some of the plastic tags l cut free from the hoops. I asked the lady on reception at the Guildhall if she would bin them for me!

Those that went back still bore the plastic tags. Additional street mess we could do without.

My lovely group this morning – meeting up with Bath’s very own ‘period piece’ – Martin Salter from the Jane Austen Centre.

Yours truly cut them off this morning – before setting out – as a Mayor’s Guide – with a lovely group of city visitors who seemed to enjoy their FREE  tour of some of our World Heritage highlights.



  1. Dear Newseum, you reported that today’s steam loco was going to be Class B1 4-6-0 no. 61306; but looking at the video it was actually hauled by last-minute replacement Black 5 no. 44871. But it is always great to see any steam loco arriving in Bath! Mike Godwin

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