Market forces

Not sure Mr Sports Direct will be too happy with what’s happening in Milsom Street where Jolly’s (a.k.a House of Fraser), and a lot of other prominent stores, currently look out on the rear wall of a line of sheds.  Two pictures tell a different story.

The pavement in Milsom Street – looking up from Waterstones. It’s around 4.30 pm on Wednesday, November 28th.

One showing footfall on the pavement while the other shows market-goers – the other side of the huts – on the road. Both were taken at the same time.

Market-goers in Milsom Street around 4.30 pm Wednesday evening.

Sheds here were a bad idea but – at best – could have been staggered. As someone said to me last night – maybe three on one side and then three on the other going down.

Bath Street.

This year’s market is too fragmented, and l know the weather – and disruption around Bath Abbey – isn’t helping, but it’s already looking tired.

Some of the regulars – local businesses who’ve been taking part for many years – count on this festive trade to see them over the winter.

Get out and support them, but maybe next year the organisers could have a re-think about how and where to present this important annual event in Bath’s commercial calendar.