Market forces

Well, this year’s Christmas Market is getting underway in Bath and with an extension – for the first time – into Milsom Street.

Traffic free in Milsom Street and – though it is early in the morning – trade for the market is getting busy.

There’s no denying this annual festive event is a big financial draw – even if some locals wait to do their Christmas shopping after the whole extravaganza has shut up shop.

Milsom Street is a bit of an experiment. B&NES will be watching with interest to see how well this temporary pedestrianisation works as they – l think – will be targeting this street for a possibly permanent traffic closure at some point in the future.

However, l am not sure every rate-paying business in the road is going to welcome ‘disappearing’ behind the sheds for so long.

Jollys has all but disappeared from sight.

Retail – and this is a high-end street – relies on shop windows to draw in customers and that is just what is hidden now as far as trade on the right hand side – going down the road – is concerned.

An empty pavement behind the market sheds in Milsom Street.
Here it is looking up the other way. Not many walking on the pavement is there?
IMG_1367 2
While, on the road side, foot fall is getting busy.

Meanwhile, Bath Newseum can solve one little mystery. What is the strange device going outside the Gap store?