Spot the difference?

Not sure if those clever people inside Bath’s Guildhall are playing a game of ‘spot the difference’ with their citizens, but l could have sworn there used to be more cycle hoops on this civicCount the hoops…. side of the High Street.

Compare the old shot here.

With today’s picture.

Now they took the hoops away for the Remembrance Sunday parade but l think fewer hoops have been put back.

These seem to be quite expensive items so maybe a better idea would be to release some scrap value and just get an ordinary, fit-for-purpose rack instead. At least there would be more room for bicycles.

Maybe pinch some from the re-designed Saw Close where they swamp any attempt to create a European-styled square.

Wanted to move on to give a pat on the back to the volunteers who give up their time to work for the Canal and River Trust whose boat was out on the River Avon at Riverside today.

Volunteers on the banks were clearing away the usual mess. Cans, bottles, take-away food containers. All of it dropped by careless and selfish people who think litter is somebody else problem.

Clearing up other people’s mess.

If we all started start caring about this neglected area – between Sainsbury’s and Homebase – it might attract a more positive and appreciate crowd of users.