The meaning of Christmas.

Terry Basson writes from Bath:

“So, what is Christmas all about – can you explain it?

I attended the ‘Poppy Day’ service in the Methodist Church in Walcot last Sunday, standing to attention during the bugle sounding the  Last Post, I stood straight as a pole, as I was taught during my National Service  days when I was eighteen .

I noticed this poster on the church reception area  which caught my eye, enough to read all of it.

We as a family donate our Christmas card money to homeless charities – better to help those sleeping rough out on the streets to get a warm shelter over their heads, then spending on Christmas cards that wastefully get dumped.

Looking at the poster, I see that we no longer shout out in our ancient streets, “Bring out Your Dead”. This Clarian  shouts, “Come all ye Lonely and share a free Christmas dinner. Transport no problem we will arrange pickups from your familiar four walls.

Seems to me, that I shall dwell in these thoughts over Christmas knowing those on their own have a happy place to go.

Come all of you that expect to spend Christmas alone, joining in with those serving  volunteers and singing – not come all ye faithful , but thanks, we are grateful !”