New bridge route must not be a ‘rat-run’

Just taken my first cycle trip across Bath’s new Destructor Bridge – down at the Crest Nicholson Riverside development.

It’s my understanding motorists had a taster last week-end when police asked for the route through from the Upper Bristol Road to the Lower to be opened to relieve congestion.

It has been firmly closed again and – it is the fear of creating a rat run – which has finally prompted news of a consultation about installing some form of permanent control.Screen Shot 2018-10-13 at 12.59.10

Signs have gone up proposing a restriction on use which will effectively send Riverside traffic northbound across the new bridge.




  1. Reblogged this on Cycle Bath and commented:
    Email Subject 18-015/2/AC Make sure you write SUPPORT in your email. By keeping this bridge closed to through traffic and only useable by buses, we create a Low Traffic Neighbourhood that tackles car dependency and enables walking and cycling while prioritising public transport. It is good to see that the council is doing this but your voice needs to be heard in supporting these. There will be local residents that object without realising that this will create one of the worst rat runs in the city. BaNES needs to hear that this is supported by you.

  2. I must confess, the “fear of creating a rat run” once again demonstrates the pitiful planning at work in this city, did this not occur to anyone before the whole development was conceived? Given the massive and long running road works, at either end of the city, and the other developments that create traffic turning across main arterial roads in Bath, the bridge, which previously only had a restriction of being one way should be open.
    The rush to create more housing is in itself going create more traffic no? Or are we to believe that non of the residents in these 100s of new homes will all be walking/cycling or using public transport?

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