Christmas past.

I like this story – sent in by Bath Newseum regular Terry Basson. Hope it’s not too early to talk Christmas?


“Hi Richard,

I have had  several of my little stories published in magazines during 2018.
I offer this one if it fits into your ‘virtual’ museum?
                                                           Times when I was Ten 
Ten year old boys and girls wanted to know what it was like being their age during WW2 . So I stepped up and gave talks in local Bath schools.

I took my home built Spitfire and a Airfix Hurricane along with my Rupert Bear Christmas Annual. The flower pot was my family’s means of central heating for the Anderson Shelter.

A candle was alight under the overturned terracotta pot, which heated the clay pot and warmed the cold damp air in the tin bomb shelter.

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Terry Basson telling stories at a local school.

No Oranges or Bananas available in our Christmas wartime stocking, just a plain white pillow case hung over the bed knob with dads wooden, hand built painted toys in it.

Presents from father Christmas were unwrapped because Xmas during WW2 passed without Christmas wrapping available in the shops. 

Search for my Pop gun on the display table.

Elderberry wood body had its soft core removed, leaving a perfect barrel, then a hazel stick cut from the hedge to make the push rod. Force a green Acorn in each end and Pop ! – Out comes a bullet said Churchill to defend our Island.

The war took the colour out of England but I have survived to tell these youngsters about all the the excitement we had during terrible frightening times.”

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