Student bus plan makes sense says Bath’s MP.


The U1 bus plan put forward by Bath Uni Student Union President, Eve Alcock, makes good sense, says Bath MP Wera Hobhouse. “Having discussed the issue with Eve, I am confident that the plan she has developed alongside Bathwick residents is the way forward, and I am delighted that First have agreed to see how they can accommodate the ideas.”

“In situations like this, the obvious is not always possible, but I think the suggestion to put the modern double deckers back through the city centre, and to keep the bendy buses on the new route is very sensible. It answers the needs of residents and students wanting to use the city centre, whilst keeping the older, more polluting buses away. Let’s see if it can be done.”

Meghan Jones, Orla Pettigrew and Amy Fortnam U1
Photo: Students queue for buses, l-r Meghan Jones, Orla Pettigrew and Amy Fortnam from the Lib Dem Society.

Bathwick Estate resident, Manda Rigby said: “Whilst we can appreciate that First Bus have been struggling to recruit drivers, and have been hit by major roadworks, what the residents around the University and along Bathwick Hill want is a reliable, accessible bus service to get into town, or get their children to school.

This plan keeps the polluting buses out of the city centre, giving students in Oldfield Park direct access to the university, whilst reinstating a service for students and residents between the university and the city centre.

We owe huge thanks to the residents and student leaders who helped formulate this plan, I support them, and urge First to find a way to implement our proposal to end the current unsatisfactory situation.”

Students have endured long delays over the past couple of weeks, Amy Fortnam from the University’s Lib Dem Society said: “We fully support the Student Union’s proposal. Students have been enduring long waits, standing out in all weathers. It’s been very hard for young people with mental and physical health issues and disabilities.

Students are just trying to get to lectures on time, and in some cases that has meant catching a bus at 7.30 to be on time for a 9.30 lecture. Hopefully First will look seriously at this part of the problem, and find a way to make Eve’s proposal work. We also need to be working closely with the Council to ensure that our public transport works for all residents of Bath, and is not sacrificed at the altar of the motor car.”