Community action in Twerton.


Following numerous complaints from local residents, Twerton Liberal Democrat Councillor Tim Ball and local campaigner Sarah Moore are pleased to confirm they have managed to get agreement from both Bath & North East Somerset Council and the Police to make Twerton High Street a family friendly environment, with the implementation of a Public Spaces Protection Order.

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Local campaigner Sarah Moore and Cllr Tim Ball.

This means that it is an offence to drink alcohol publicly in the area and if caught may be issue with a Fixed Penalty Notice. Councillor Tim Ball was able to arrange for appropriate signs to be supplied and he together with Sarah Moore went out and erected the signs themselves in Twerton High Street, which means this order is now legally enforceable and anyone caught in contravention of this order can now be dealt with accordingly.


Councillor Tim Ball said “I was pleased to be able to arrange for these signs and it is yet another step towards the Liberal Democrats helping to return Twerton to a family friendly community again.”