Police station petition reaches one thousand.

An on-line petition calling for a central, public facing police station in Bath has collected over a thousand signatures in its first few weeks.

MP for Bath Wera Hobhouse, and Dine Romero (Lib Dem Council Group Leader) launched the petition earlier in the month in response to rising crime levels in the city.

Petition branding

It gathered hundreds of signatures in the first few days, and has now has well over 1000 names.

Wera Hobhouse said: “I’m pleased our petition has had such a great response. Many people in Bath think that the city is sorely missing a proper police station, and want to see one return. I know we have support from inside the force; the Police need the right tools to do their job.”

Dine Romero said: “This petition shows how much support there is for Bath to have a police station once more. A police station is more than just a base for police officers, it is also the hub for much of the joined up working between all sorts of local agencies working with the police.”

The petition is still live, and gathering signatures rapidly. It can be found at: www.werahobhouse.co.uk/proper_police_station.