Back in July B&NES made a big ‘drum-banging’ announcement that the first person had been issued with a £150 fine for littering in the Bath area.

It was a dropped cigarette stub that brought about the offence. A costly, careless action that – to a smoker out in the street – is probably done without thinking.

Now l would say those cigarettes have been stubbed out by people going into the Guildhall!

Now, whatever you feel about the Authority’s new get tough policy on litter, perhaps you will be amused by the litter leading up to the steps of the Guildhall itself. The traditional hub of the authority and Bath’s unofficial town hall.

Councillors passing in and out may well like to pause and look at the mess on their doorstep. Not that l am suggesting any council official or councillor may be responsible. Perish the thought.

While we’re on the threshhold – so to speak – time for a little patch up work on this main walkway into the Guildhall. The mortar between the steps and risers has almost gone!


Not a good advert for B&NES l would have thought.


While we’re on the subject – fly tipping can cost you a £400 fine. Wish someone had spotted the idiots dumping this furniture at the approach to the Grosvenor Bridge. Who do they think is going to clear their unwanted goods away?


I am lost for words.


Following on from this, Sally has been in touch to say:

“As a follow-up to your piece earlier today on BANES staffs’ smoking habit (sadly I have one myself), here is the scene outside the Council offices on Manvers
The bin on Manvers Street.
I am the Housekeeper for No.1 Manvers Street and sweep up after them on the pavement almost daily. Bit fed up! As you can see, there is a designated fag bucket on the side of the bin!”
While Fiona Godwin adds:
“Seeing the furniture dumped at Grosvenor Bridge prompts me to ask if you know what has happened to the climbing frame in Kensington Meadows?
It seems to have been hacked down overnight and taped off with no sign if it is to be replaced, grandchildren very upset on our Sunday play date, though the new signs and notice board are very impressive.”


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  1. Well, somebody may well appreciate them. Virtually everything we live outside our front gate goes!

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