Bath to get ‘litter patrols’

B&NES is about to ‘up the stakes’ when it comes to littering the streets of Bath. The Council’s proposing litter patrols to catch offenders with £150 fines.

Increased litter and fly-tipping enforcement action, as part of Bath & North East Somerset Council’s drive for cleaner streets and open spaces, is being proposed.


Councillor Bob Goodman, cabinet member for Development & Neighbourhoods, will bring a proposal for a 12-month scheme, which will see enforcement officers on the streets and in parks and public spaces to the council’s cabinet meeting on 5th September.

The proposal is to work with a private sector partner to increase enforcement activity across the whole district on a whole range of environmental crimes, including littering, dog fouling and fly-tipping.


The move follows other authorities such as Bristol successfully upping their enforcement activities by working with a private sector partner.

In July Bath & North East Somerset Council adopted the maximum £150 Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN) for dropping litter, including cigarette ends and anyone caught fly-tipping in the area can be issued with a FPN up to £400.

Stickers and posters advising people about the hefty new fines have gone onto council litter bins as part a continued drive to encourage people not to litter the city, surrounding towns and countryside.


However current enforcement activity is focussed in the city centre in partnership with Bath BID but if the proposal is approved it will allow the council to tackle the problem across the whole district to reduce environmental crime and have cleaner, greener communities.

Under the plan the council would enter into a pilot scheme with a private sector provider at zero cost to the council putting enforcement officers on the streets, in parks and public spaces seven days a week.


Councillor Bob Goodman said: “I am passionate about keeping our area clean. We do a good job in keeping our streets and public spaces tidy but too often council taxpayers are paying simply to pick up mess that others have thoughtlessly left behind. That’s why I want to see a pilot scheme to see if we can increase our enforcement, leading to cleaner streets but at no cost to the council.  I want potential litter louts to think twice before spoiling our environment.

“Bath and North East Somerset is a beautiful place and we want residents and visitors to make sure it isn’t spoiled by fly-tipped rubbish and litter. It isn’t difficult to find a bin and dispose of your rubbish and if the bin is full then take your rubbish home and recycle it or put it in the general waste. I will monitor this pilot scheme carefully, listen to local views and do what’s best to keep our area clean and tidy and make sure local taxpayers get the best deal.”


  1. Fantastic news! Hope they manage to make it outside the Circus and RoyalCrescent areas 😉

  2. One obvious problem is that there aren’t enough bins or the bins are too small. One could say, cut down the number of tourists until it is compatible with the number of litter bins provided…

    1. I agree with Mr Draper but am also worried these private litter patrols working on a commission with targets to fulfil will tend to go for the softest option and fine people for dropping a sweetie paper or accidentally dropping a tissue. I am against paying on commission for such a service.

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