Plea to help save dying trees.

There must be those within B&NES who wish they had never come up with the idea of ‘greening’ the city end of London Road.

Expensive and artist-designed planters lined the fancy new pavements with other – ground-rooted – trees planted down the centre of the road – between incoming and outgoing traffic.

After suddenly acting on advice – which was several years old  – about the safety aspects of planters which blocked the view of motorists coming out from side roads – the trees were threatened with total removal.

While that may not now happen, those remaining in many of the planters are currently experiencing extreme drought stress and look as though they are dying.

The lady is reading the notice asking people to help save the trees. All of them have brown and frizzled leaves.

Taking photographs there this morning l saw that one local concerned Bathonian was asking people to help water the planters and explaining why it is so important.

He is Daniel Ely – a local arborist and tree surgeon –  who has posted notices on the planters. Here’s his message in full!

Screen Shot 2018-07-09 at 10.51.58

I have contacted Dan for comment. He has replied to my email.

“I’m involved because I feel like it needed someone to actually do something about it. I saw the trees in this way last year but like everyone else did nothing so this year I have made some effort to help save these lovely trees in the little way I can.
The tree species chosen is one of my favourites too as I like to forage and I use that road often and have done since I was a child.
So far the manager of the cafe business nearby on the same side of Dominos said they will do some watering, however, I hope more will get involved.”
Even the ground-rooted trees in the middle are showing signs of drought stress.

Meanwhile, l have made contact with Cllr Bob Goodman – who is the Cabinet member for Development and Neighbourhoods.

In a Twitter reply he said: “l’ll see what l can do today.”

Hope the community along the London Road will see what they can do too.