Islands of culture.

Don’t blame the gulls and pigeons. This is unsorted waste being left on the streets by humans.

Is it me growing old and cantankerous or – in common with many other people – is it that l just care about this city which adopted me nearly eight years ago.

I sometimes see the central area as islands of culture surrounded by a sea of dross.

IMG_8883 2
This pile is opposite the Guildhall. Almost on the Council’s doorstep.

First thing in the morning it’s not helped by the piles of business and domestic rubbish waiting for collection.

Welcome to Bath!

I can’t quite work out who does what but – while the rest of us rely on the Council to take away our waste – in the inner city there appears to be many different refuse businesses vying for work.

West Gate Street. Where are the gull proof bags?

We have all been given gull proof bags or bins but – despite the efforts of some sincere councillors and Bath BID – l don’t see many using them.

Here’s a gull proof bag actually resting under the rubbish that should be inside it!

It has to be the same rule for all – especially in the inner city where gulls still – on occasion – seem to outnumber the tourists. This is where clean streets are most important.

Why does this hang around for so long? It looks as though they wait until the tourists have returned to their hotels before filling the streets with this garbage.

Just imagine if this really was Disneyworld – there wouldn’t be a scrap of rubbish in site.

It is the beauty of Southgate where – despite fake grass and plastic flowers – you have a private landowner keeping the place clean.

Don’t blame the gulls and pigeons. This is unsorted waste being left on the streets by humans.

What do others think?

PS. The traffic cone on the Laura Place fountain has been there for a day and a half now. Still, it’s better than the bike that was parked on top two years ago!

The traffic cone has been there for a day and a half. Does no one from the Council spot these things? What does it look like to those on the tourist buses and coaches?

Pleased to report the cone is down – but the fountain was turned off this morning for contractors to clear algae.


  1. I think I’ve suggested this before. Each street/district could be entered into a ‘keeping clean’ monthly competition. This would incentivise the right behaviours and hopefully it would ‘self-manage’.

  2. Seeing all this rubbish around in this lovely city makes me want to weep, but how can we change behaviours? With the council having so little money, it really is up to the ordinary citizen to care about their surroundings.

  3. Very good indeed Richard to see your comments about the rubbish on the pavements round our would-be beautiful city. It’s unbelievable, so well done you for pointing it out and providing the pictorial proof. I took a photo myself this morning of another ghastly mess on the pavement in the Paragon just before the Countess of Huntingdon Chapel. Your articles are always so interesting, so much to the point and actually so necessary in matters like the street rubbish we presently have to put up with. Thank you. Jean Pile

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  4. The litter laws need to have sharp teeth and bite the culprits! Can you imagine this happening in Singapore or in other smart places other than England. You do a wonderful job Richard the council should read your blogs as compulsory reading before being allowed in the chamber!

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