Gull proof bag it!

Well, let’s get down to putting some new material on to Bath Newseum. I hope you like the new layout. I run with WordPress – who have now dropped the ‘theme’ l use – so l have gone for something completely different!

Had a few little health problems of late which has prevented me getting around quite so much but – while waiting for the bus to the RUH for an appointment – l noticed another pile of black plastic bags opposite the city’s Guildhall.Screen Shot 2018-06-28 at 14.30.18

I took a picture for Twitter which got a response from my followers – including one from Cllr Bob Goodman – Cabinet member for Development and Neighbourhoods – who wanted me to know things WERE going to change.

Screen Shot 2018-06-28 at 14.30.36

I share the exchange with you all. Not sure how they manage to count the gulls. Pavements seemed just as covered as usual – but gull proof bags surely are a priority in the inner city where the birds breed and look for food.

PS. Noticed the battered and tattered remnants of the B&NES flag has finally been taken off its Guildhall flagpole. I am hoping a new one will be raised in its place!

The Union flag flies free but the B&NES flag has disappeared?