‘Tatty’ World Heritage Bath

Janet's picture of the gulls.
Bath Newseum follower, Janet Rolls has been out taking photos in Cheap St.
She was there – last Tuesday evening in the company of some foreign visitors – and witnessed a heap of flimsy bin bags and a flock of seagulls having a feast.
Janet’s picture of the gulls.

“Why is there no “policing” of council policy? Restaurants are meant to use reinforced bin bags, but the photo clearly shows that this is disregarded.
A boards – says Janet – don’t leave much room for pedestrians.

Everywhere there are ugly “A “ boards outside shops which are meant to leave 1.5m of free pavement for pedestrians, but this is never enforced.
Another A board shot from Janet.

Our visitors were from Beunos Aires, had worked at the Mineral Water Hospital 35 years ago and have a deep fondness for Bath, but were appalled at the tattiness of this World Heritage city now.”