Cellars under Bridge Street get the OK!

There’s some good news coming out of Bridge Street in Bath where B&NES has been investigating reports of depressions in the road.

Let’s hope the weather holds as contractors have another three ‘depressions’ to deal with!

Seems the cellars beneath have not been crumbling and that the line of depressions seem to have more to do with previous patching where water has seeped under the repaired road surface.

Repairs underway in Bridge Street .

There’s a bit of an excavation near Pulteney Bridge where the worse depression is being dug out and repaired. Others in the coned off section will also be repaired while the road restriction is in place.

Let’s hope for dry weather.

The depression in Grand Parade.

Meanwhile, around the corner – on Grand Parade – another group of contractors were arriving to deal with a depression there. Let’s hope – again – that its water ingress and not crumbling cellars.

Contractors arriving to start work in Grand Parade.

Spotted another pot-hole – in another street – which has revealed the original surface underneath. Maybe that should be restored instead of filling in tarmac holes?

One wonders whether we’d be better served stripping off the pot-hole-marked tarmac surface of some of our city roads and letting the old original – more hard-wearing – surface beneath take the traffic strain.