What is it about all these ‘offerings’ being made to the “Dog Poo Fairy?”

I cycle through Sydney Gardens on a regular basis. Last week there was a bagged bundle just inside the  Sydney Road entrance. It disappeared in time but there was another one in its place today.

A little offering – just inside the park entrance.

It’s not as though the park doesn’t contain doggie poo bins – because it does and most dog owners use it.

Today’s ‘offering’ in roughly the same place.

I never blame a dog for misdemeanours. After all, it’s the owner who has to take responsibility.

It’s a shame some parts of Sydney Gardens have just become a playground for dogs off their leads. Even the poor old spring daffodils have been taking a battering from our four-legged friends running wild.

IMG_7377 2
Trampled daffs!

Here’s hoping this historic green lung gets its HLF money and its supporters are able to transform it into a revitalised playground with allocated space for all.

Sydney Gardens gives you access to the towpath of the Kennet and Avon Canal. Turn left towards open countryside and you are in for a real treat.

The snow has gone now and the canalside looks even worse!

Shame the Canal and River Trust has no real teeth to deal with some of those actually floating on the canal.

Not for me to say how you live your lives but when your rubbish despoils and destroys the canal verge – where others living in tents have also lit fires – it’s time to move on.

The grit bag is full of rubbish – and there’s a pile of black bags alongside it now!

Never mind the dog poo fairy, here’s a bag of towpath grit being used as a general rubbish dump!

l feel for the responsible users of this amazing heritage and for the volunteers who do all they can to maintain it.


  1. It’s a mystery about the abandoned poobag as Sydney Gardens is very well supplied with bins. But I don’t think you can blame the squashed daffs on dogs – having watched several people playing with rugby and footie balls on the grassy areas, I think they’re the more likely culprits.

    I know the liveaboard community is, by and large, as unhappy as you are about the mess on the towpath, but, as you’ve discovered, the CRT doesn’t seem terribly interested. Indeed, by removing bin areas (such as that by the entrance to the canal from Beckford Road) because they didn’t empty them regularly enough, complaining that people used them too much, they’ve made matters worse. And they won’t put dog bins on the towpath because they say it’s B&NES responsibility and B&NES won’t because they don’t own the towpath. It drives you barking mad!

  2. Sydney garden is not the only popular site as a gymnasium and toilets for dogs,come to our beautiful Circus ,there you will encounter many dogs of all sizes led by their inconsiderate masters ,they continually contaminate the grass with their excrements,and ,at the same time create some serious health problems for all the visitors,many children,who picnic there without knowing that it is an “unofficial dog toilet”

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