Forgotten Little Creatures.

Getting us to notice the smaller things that inhabit the Natural World has been the aim of an exhibition of stunning photography currently on display at the Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution in Queen Square.

One of Victoria Hillman’s images. All are exhibited behind glass.

It’s called Forgotten Little Creatures and is the work of Somerset-based wildlife researcher and photographer Victoria Hillman.

She told Bath Newseum:

Forgotten little creatures is an exciting project that celebrates all the
smaller things that we have around us bringing together creative photography,
interesting scientific and historical facts, the stories behind the images and
how we can help the wildlife around us.

© Victoria Hillman

Everything in the exhibition is taken
within a 40 radius of my home in Frome, highlighting just some of the
incredible species we have on our doorsteps.

By encouraging others to find and understand the importance of these smaller
species I hope that they will help protect them and their habitats for future
generations to enjoy and the health of our local ecosystem.


This is no ordinary photographic project, the images are more artistic aimed at
bringing out the characters, details and interactions with their habitats of my
subjects, encouraging people to look differently at the plants, invertebrates,
amphibians and reptiles we have around us here in the UK.

© Victoria Hillman

Who are the Forgotten Little Creatures? 

These are the plants, invertebrates, amphibians and reptiles which are often
feared, ignored, overlooked and even forgotten about despite the important role
they play in their habitats. I hope to widen the appreciation of them and show
their beauty and characters along with demonstrating the wide variety we all
have on our doorsteps.


Why I believe this project is important.

During my research and photography of a wide range of little creatures near my
home it became very clear there is a lack of media coverage – particularly
positive coverage – of them and the critical roles they play in maintaining
healthy ecosystems not to mention just how fascinating they can be.

© Victoria Hillman

This first part of the project will be an exciting exhibition with an
accompanying book, the stories behind the images, interesting scientific and
historical facts about my subjects and all the funny anecdotes of my experiences
working on this project.


The exhibition runs from the 22nd February through to the 17th March at the
Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution, it is open Monday to Saturday
10am – 4pm. I will be in the exhibition every day to explain about the project,
answer any questions and chat to people.

The interview was done quickly on an iPhone so apologies for quality.

I am absolutely delighted to share that the book is being published by Redfern
Natural History Productions Ltd”