Cleaner air for Camden!

Camden Residents Association have got themselves a blog to join the fight against air pollution in Bath and fight for something to be done to save their area from increased traffic and poor air quality.

l have been to have a look and copy below a relevant part of their on-line campaign:

“Air quality in Bath is illegally poor and has to improve.  We believe Camden is more afflicted than is realised, and so demands special attention from the Council.image003

The extent of the traffic problem has been highlighted in the recently published report ‘Tackling Traffic Congestion and Poor Air Quality in NE Bath’ by the Camden Residents’ Association (CRA).image001

At peak times, Camden Road is over 50% as busy as the main arterial A4, the London Road, and yet it is a narrow, single track, residential street.  The full 1.5 mile rat run through both Larkhall and Camden draws in traffic not only from the East and North but also the South of the city.  This traffic passes three schools, uses constricted residential streets and threatens residents and the many commuting pedestrians with illegally poor air quality.  At non-peak times air quality recovers slightly, but most drivers exceed the 20 mph speed limit creating other safety issues.

Whilst accepting that poor air quality is a pressing Bath-wide issue the CRA delivered its report at a B&NES Cabinet meeting on 7th February and requested that the Council consider the area of NE Bath particularly carefully.image004

The evidence-based report is available to read or download on the association’s website and the shorter cabinet submission is available on their blog at

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