It’s a ‘no’ to a Pulteney Bridge interview


Followers of Bath Newseum will know l am a little shocked at the state of the stone balustrade facing Pulteney Bridge which is – itself – exhibiting a widening crack in its stonework.

Here’s the view – looking through the cafe window on the bridge.

Bearing in mind how historically important this part of Bath is – and how it contributes to its World Heritage status and tourist trade – l asked the Cabinet member who l was informed was responsible for the upkeep of such ‘fabric’ – Cllr Charles Gerrish – if l could have an interview.

Cllr Charles Gerrish, Cabinet member for Finance and Efficiency.

I have had a response of sorts. Must say, l thought it a little abrupt.

Judge for yourselves. First my email:

Dear Cllr Gerrish,

I would dearly love to do a video interview with you regarding the state of the balustrade adjoining Pulteney Bridge and the crack that has appeared in the bridge itself.
Since raising this via l am reliably informed the matter has been looked at by B&NES. This is one of the city’s most treasured architectural gems.
Kind regards,
Richard Wyatt
Bath Newseum
Then his reply:
Screen Shot 2018-01-17 at 15.35.44
That’s a ‘no’ to an interview then? Not even a full stop at the end! I will await the ‘press statement’ with interest.