Let’ s hear it for bollards.

Professor Barry Gilbertson —  Chairman of the UNESCO Bath World Heritage Site Advisory Board – draws Bath Newseum’s attention to some new city street furniture.


Prof Barry Gilbertson


In an email he writes: ” Have you noticed the new bollards being installed at the top of Stall Street and along the south of Old Bond Street.

All good safety measures, presumably to replace (over time) the nasty concrete blocks (with or without Xmas wrapping!).

New bollards at the top of Stall Street.

Good news I feel should be publicised – example of Council action to protect pedestrians.


  1. It seems overkill for pedestrian safety. Possibly the though it that they would restrict vehicular access and terrorist attack. In general most towns and cities have far too much street furniture and signage and this seems to be another example.

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