Change of direction.

While Bath’s Tourist Information Centre is busy settling into its slightly more snug surroundings in Bridgwater House – a Bath Newseum regular points out that changing its address can have complications.

IMG_6068 2
The re-located Visitor Information Centre.

Jay Gardiner says:

” The Tourist information centre moved before the Christmas Market, yet the signboards with maps around the city still show the location in the Abbey churchyard!

Bath Box Office (Tourist Infomation) still showing to the south of Bath Abbey. It’s now at the top end of York Street.

What a pity the lovely old “finger posts weren’t retained, it would have made the task of redirecting the signs to the new location so much easier!”


Here’s one of them being taken down outside the Pump Room a year or so ago.



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  1. Bring back the finger posts; they are part of our heritage We have recently had a newly restored finger post positioned in its original site at the corner of Summer Lane, Tucking Mill Lane and Church Lane just outside Monkton Combe to the south east of Bath. And there is another one in Combe Down outside the Museum of Bath Stone at CornerStone by the King William pub. These are part of the fabric of the City and should be kept wherever possible. They are functional and beautiful.

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