Bin those black bags or face a fine.

B&NES new refuse and recycling service is still being ‘challenged’ by people putting out extra black bags alongside their allotted bins – according to a Council spokesperson – and those extras are not going to be collected from next Monday.

There’s the threat of a £60 fine too for those who continue to ‘abuse’ the rules.

We also put the ‘bin men’ under an additional burden too following our festive seasonal excesses.

Figures show, on average, a phenomenal 51 tonnes per day more recycling was collected during the Christmas period than over the same time last year.


While thousands of households have got on board with the new service – some properties are still putting out extra waste bags with their black bins.

From Monday 15th January, Bath & North East Somerset Council won’t collect the excess rubbish placed next to black bins and any properties which continue to put out excess rubbish may even be fined. Fines could be as much as £60.


The council has already helped advise a number of households who were unsure about what they can recycle, and is reminding everyone that there are no limits to the amount of recycling households can put out for their weekly collection and if extra green boxes, blue bags or food waste bins are needed they can be ordered.

Councillor Bob Goodman (Conservative, Combe Down), Cabinet Member for Development & Neighbourhoods said: “We are already increasing recycling and with this effort our recycling rate may be amongst the highest in the country. We are encouraging residents and helping to achieve a goal.

Cllr Bob Goodman.

“The more we recycle, the more space we have left in our wheeled bins. We don’t want to fine people but a warning is there so please do the right thing and don’t put extra black waste sacks out because we can’t collect it.

“The new service has been designed to increase the amount collected for recycling and evidence is showing that this is already happening. As well as being much better for the environment, it also helps to make the collection service better value for money.”

The council is also reminding residents general rubbish should all fit inside the wheeled bin or re-usable rubbish bag provided by the council and that the lid should be down to avoid birds and animals getting into the bin.

To order extra recycling containers go online or Council Connect, 01225 39 40 41.  Containers can also be picked up from the recycling centres and the One Stop Shops at Keynsham and Midsomer Norton.  Recycling can go in alternative containers while households wait for containers to arrive.

Anyone who is concerned about producing excess rubbish can find out more about what can and can’t be recycled at and the Recycle for Bathnes Facebook page which is full of useful and unusual tips and advice on recycling and reducing waste. Residents can also take any excess rubbish to one of the council’s three recycling centres.

Residents who are concerned about keeping their neighbourhood clean and tidy may be interested in Bath & North East Somerset Council’s information pack for residents called ‘Friends of our Street’ which can be found at


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  1. Wonderful….unless you happen to be living in a large block of flats with those who don’t give a damn about these pernickety rules for rubbish collection. It also seems counterproductive to not collect excess rubbish leaving it on the pavement on one hand, and yet be asking people to put the lids down on the bins and bags to prevent scavengers on the other? I foresee even more seagulls this coming year.



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