The turning of our year.

There are a few people who will not be following me through into 2018. My sisters and l have lost our mother – and l have also said goodbye to several dear friends – in a tumultuous year which has now ended.

riRich and mum
Me and my mother Joan.

As l write this it is pouring with rain and it seems appropriate that we go out on a ‘Low’. That’s the pressure system above our wet heads by the way.

My husband Darren – on the left – with Allan and John – two friends who have now both left us.

Meanwhile, I take into the new year –  something l would rather have left behind. That’s the throat/chest infection l usually ‘greet’ as an unwelcome visitor at the end of recent Decembers.

To all those suffering – both bereavement and illness – you have my empathy and my condolences. May l send you a mental ‘hug’ and stand with you – and everyone – as we ‘jump’ into the unknown.

May it be filled with days of peace and opportunity for us all. Though for me the new horizon is dimmed with continuing battles that also spill over into this so far untrodden territory. War, corporate greed, poverty, homelessness, starvation and disease – and the madness of nationalism and a self-induced and lengthy suicide – tearing us away from our island destiny to be part of a new Europe.

I will continue to ‘feed’ Bath Newseum with items of local interest and look forward to growing the ‘firm’ – as fast as this one-man, un-paid operation can!

Do spread the word and contribute if you like. Always happy to be prompted by a ‘story’ you might have for me!!

Though l am sorry l was the first to be the bearer of bad news – in terms of an HLF funding rejection for Cleveland Pools and the sale of The Min for redevelopment – l was still proud that this one-man band, journalistic old-timer can still sometimes come up with the goods.

A happy and healthy 2018 to you all.






  1. Dear Richard,

    I’m so sorry to hear about the loss of your Mum and friends this year. There is no-one who can replace them and I send you all my sympathy and love whilst you adjust your compass to the future path ahead in 2018. My 92 year old Mum is currently unwell in a care home, so I can understand a little of how you feel.

    Your posts continue to be a source of great enjoyment for me. (I’m a local Blue Badge, mostly working in Bath). And I completely agree with all your comments about the challenges ahead! Your work is providing some of the positivity we need towards creating the peace and opportunity we hope for; for our families, communities and the good old UK!

    Happy New Year and may it soon be infection free as well!

    Love, Sheila.xx

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  2. Thank you Richard for regularly writing all the interesting items about our beautiful city. Great sympathy for your bereavement this year.

    A Very Happy and satisfying New Year to you and your husband. Jean Pile

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  3. Can I wish you a very Happy & Healthy New Year, and thank you for all your informative missives.

    A little gripe to start 2018!
    In the Corridor there is some wonderful brasswork lovingly polished.

    However, there is nowadays a trend away from brass & to using different types nameplates. The only problem with these new ones is that they are intrinsically shiny so act as mirrors and you can’t see the name of the firm, all you can see is reflection of the surroundings! Which rather defeats the purpose!

    Advice – lots of ink on the plate if you have to use these new ones…

    Bob Draper

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