Festive boost or major blockage?

I am all for the business the annual Christmas Market brings into Bath but not too sure about this ‘chalet’ extension into pedestrianised Union Street.

New Christmas Market ‘chalets’ erected in the middle of Union Street.

After making such a fuss about traders using A boards – and seeing them as obstructions – B&NES has allowed a major blockage of a main shopping avenue.

Not only is the additional footfall going to obstruct business for established traders – but people stopping to look or trade at the street stalls are going to cause hold ups for everyone else.

Another view of the new pitch for Christmas Market ‘chalets’ in Union Street.

With so many empty shops alongside – it’s a shame Christmas Market traders could not have been offered some sort of ‘pop-up’ facility to use them.

‘Chalets’ erected alongside empty shops in Union Street.

I can see problems for emergency services, the disabled and even – God forbid it – any safe and quick  evacuation of people if suddenly required.

This is NOT a good idea.

The Big Issue seller is going to have to find a new pitch.

PS The Big Issue seller – with his famous dog – is also having to move his pitch up towards The Min.

Bath Christmas Market told Bath Newseum:

“The new location of chalets should help aid congestion and improve visitor flow.

We are committed to public safety and work closely with the relevant authorities to ensure safety measures, plans and procedures are in place.”

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