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In a fast-moving city, it’s hard to take a city street photograph without it being out of date a few months later. Businesses come and go and that seems to be a fact one Bath Newseum follower wants to impress upon the city’s ‘Visit Bath’ organisation.

Jay Gardiner writes:

“Take a look at the Visit Bath site and their “10 Festive shopping experiences in Bath.” It was posted on Twitter on the  9th November.

Screen Shot 2017-11-15 at 15.20.45
The Corridor image on the Visit Bath website.

The last picture – of the Corridor  -shows its age by the store in the photo. When did the T shirt print shop leave?!
This is THE prime agency to promote our city, I thought, and all we are offered is out of date info – in a bid to attract tourists!”

This is the most up to date image l have from a few days ago!

The Corridor – in November 2017!

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  1. Hi Bath Newseum,

    We’re sent many many events and images that we put up on our What’s On section of our website every day.

    Unfortunately this was an old image that we were supplied with, but a few days after this was uploaded we did indeed go and take a photograph ourselves to update the event image and the image used in our blog post. We only use this outdated image as a holding one for a few days.

    Visit Bath

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