Keeping up to date

In a fast-moving city, it’s hard to take a city street photograph without it being out of date a few months later. Businesses come and go and that seems to be a fact one Bath Newseum follower wants to impress upon the city’s ‘Visit Bath’ organisation.

Jay Gardiner writes:

“Take a look at the Visit Bath site and their “10 Festive shopping experiences in Bath.” It was posted on Twitter on the  9th November.

Screen Shot 2017-11-15 at 15.20.45
The Corridor image on the Visit Bath website.

The last picture – of the Corridor  -shows its age by the store in the photo. When did the T shirt print shop leave?!
This is THE prime agency to promote our city, I thought, and all we are offered is out of date info – in a bid to attract tourists!”

This is the most up to date image l have from a few days ago!

The Corridor – in November 2017!