Sunday deadline for new bin/bag deliveries

B&NES has managed to deliver wheelie bins and re-usable rubbish bags to over 78,000 properties over the past 5-6 weeks. rec2tiny

However, while most people will have received their containers by now, deliveries are continuing until Sunday 5 November so you may not have had your container yet.

Your bin/bag will be delivered with an information pack that will be tucked inside the bin lid (or posted through your letter box if you have been allocated a re-usable rubbish bag). Please make sure you read all the information as your collection day may have changed and this will tell you what day and week your new collection will be and how to make the most of the new collection service.

If you have not received your bin by the end of Sunday 5 November, please contact the Council on 01225 30 40 00).

In addition to delivering wheelie bins and bags, Bath & North East Somerset Council is also delivering recycling containers to residents requesting additional green boxes, food waste bins and blue cardboard recycling bags.  In the last 8 months we have had over 17,000 requests for new recycling containers.Screen Shot 2017-11-03 at 13.40.43

Requests for recycling containers are still coming in so it may take a while to receive your new ones, but if you want them urgently you can pick them up directly from our Recycling Centres.  In the meantime you can put your recycling out in another suitable container, making sure it’s obvious that it’s recycling so the crews know to pick it up.

Cllr Bob Goodman (Conservative, Combe Down), Cabinet Member for Development & Neighbourhoods, said: “The demand for recycling containers shows that people are getting ready for the new every other week rubbish collections that start next week.  The more people recycle, the less there will be to throw away in the rubbish.  As well as encouraging more recycling, the new service will help to keep the streets cleaner and make the service more affordable.”

The new service, which starts from Monday 6 November, will collect rubbish in wheeled bins or re-usable rubbish bags every other week.  Recycling and food waste will continue to be collected every week.  Anyone who’d like a reminder of when to put their rubbish out can sign up to the Council’s text reminder service by texting their postcode to 07520 631700.

The Council is reminding everyone to put their waste out by 7am as collection times may vary, especially when the new rubbish collection service starts.

You can find out more about the new service by going to or by contacting Council 01225 39 40 00.

To check your collection day please go to

Further information about the service can also be found at the Waste Services Facebook page