Action on the Gravel Walk parking issue.

Residents – with access to Bath’s historic Gravel Walk – are being contacted by B&NES with a warning about a new locking arrangement to stop the build-up of parked vehicles lining this route to Brock Street and the Royal Crescent.


Vans and cars lining Gavel Walk.

It follows many complaints about the damage being inflicted on Bath’s first by-pass – immortalised by Jane Austen in her novel Persuasion – and more recently being churned up and seriously damaged by car and van wheels.

Here’s the letter – being delivered to residents – in full:Gravel Walk Residents letter

As you can see CARA – the local Residents Association – and the Council will be holding a meeting with residents once the new local and access system is in operation – to ‘work out a satisfactory permanent solution.’


One thought on “Action on the Gravel Walk parking issue.

  1. There is a beautiful explosion of wild flowers planted where the excavations by the river at Avon St – I hope they will continue with this kind of planting over the years to come!

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