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Bath Preservation Trust is seeking the views of Bathonians on the city’s conservation area – soon to be celebrating its 50th birthday!

Here’s BPT’s  on-line press release in full.

“Bath today has one city wide conservation area which covers 1486 hectares and is home to about 50,000 people. The conservation area includes the city’s unique and much celebrated heritage, but it also encompasses less well known areas which have a range of different characteristics.

Bath’s conservation area was first designated in 1968, following the introduction of the Civic Amenities Act in 1967. It was one of the first six to be designated in the country.  The conservation area was enlarged in 1973, extended again in 1975, 1985 and most recently in 2002.

These extensions responded to changing conservation views about what was considered to be architecturally and historically important as well as ongoing changes in planning controls.  The importance of the area and its surrounds was further recognised by its inscription as a World Heritage Site in 1987.  The conservation area today is recognised but despite its longevity there has never been a complete character appraisal of the whole area.

The conservation area will soon celebrate 50 years of designation and it seems fitting to celebrate this by raising awareness of ongoing work to develop a full and comprehensive character appraisal for the conservation area to better understand all aspects of its importance and to support its ongoing and future management.

The work to complete a character assessment for the city wide conservation area is being developed by B&NES Council with input from heritage experts and the Bath Preservation Trust. There will be further opportunity for the public and local people who are familiar with the heritage of their neighbourhood to review the work and have an input through public participation and consultation.

You can read the briefing report attached (Conservation Area website copy).

Would you like to get involved? We would value input in drafting the character appraisals for the remaining character areas. If you have a heritage interest and knowledge and are interested in helping with this then please get in touch with:

Joanna Robinson, Bath Preservation Trust; or

Paula Freeland, Bath and North East Somerset Council

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  1. Yes, lots to celebrate. Strictly speaking, it wasn’t one conservation area in 1968 but a group, four I believe. And they were tightly drawn to include the major assets like Royal Crescent but not the hinterland of minor Georgian terraces. So the limited designation actually contributed to, or failed to inhibit, the ‘Sack of Bath’ in the late 60s and early 70s. The wider areas came later (too late in some cases!) in successive enlargements as your dates suggest.

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