Pulling the plug for winter shut down.

The Laura Place fountain – just recently – would have been equally at home in the approach road to the ‘Emerald City’ in the Land of Oz – so green was its contents.

Laura Place Fountain

The fountain in Laura Place.

Though its recently been fitted with a new pump the flow of water came to a halt about two weeks ago. Today contractors arrived to drain the algae-coloured basin and put the old girl to sleep for the winter.


Time to hibernate. Draining the Laura Place fountain for the winter.

All being well, she will be switched on again for Easter at the end of March next year.


Looking drained. Job done!

The central fountain basin dates from 1877 – by A S Goodridge – and the rest of it from 1977. The current look has been described as a giant ashtray.

Laura Place

The Laura Place fountain looking down Great Pulteney Street to the Holburne Museum.

It remains – pretty well – almost all Bath has to celebrate its associations with water – hot and cold.


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