Bath – almost half a century ago.

Found in a Bath charity shop. A folio of 12 prints from drawings by Martin Fisher – with a foreword by Sir Hugh Casson and dated October, 1969.

Sir Hugh – knighted for his work as Director of Architecture for the 1951 Festival of Britain – was architectural consultant to the old Bath Council. This was at the time the city architect’s department came up with the concrete framed Sport Centre on the Rec.

I cannot find out much about Martin – other than that he was an architect and cricket fan. However,  thanks to Ann Miles – who came though to the Facebook account – l have her permission to reproduce her comments on Martin.

“Martin was in the Navy but  came out and became an architect   Married Joan and had a family of ten children. They were both Roman Catholic.  He did work for Bath City Council e.g. Batheaston Roman Catholic Church plus others. I understand he did work at Buckingham Palace and  Windsor Castle.

He painted as a hobby. He did sell some paintings. Bath Cricket Club have portraits of past chairmans he did.  l gave the RUH some paintings he did 7 years ago. Martin was captured in japan when in the Navy. Got a medal for it but never talked about it. He was a  very modest man but a joy to be in his company. I think he led a interesting life. He did deserve to be recognised for what he did though his life.

I hope this gives you a little bit of a insight of a very talented modest man. He did a quick sketch of the tin church in Bailbrook Lane where l lived. He and his wife came to lunch. It took all of ten minutes – wow.”

Thanks for that Ann. Well, as a tribute to Martin – and to show you a little of how Bath looked  back in 1969 – l am publishing his folio of prints.

The front cover of ‘At Bath’ – published in 1969 – with some very young trees in Queen Square.
A detail from the Roman Baths.
Abbey Church Yard
Pulteney Weir and Bridge – before reconstruction.
Bath Abbey Choir and Chancel.
Bath Street with the Bladud fountain still in place.
Broad Street
Northumberland Passage
Lilliput Alley
Milsom Street
The Circus
Prior Park and the Palladian Bridge.

All the above drawings by Martin Fisher. Love to hear more about him?



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