Let it snow!

Am hearing Northumberland Place – one of the narrow lane ‘echoes’ of Bath’s medieval past – is not going to be left out of the Christmas cheer this year.


There’s the promise of snow machines bringing a seasonal look to this quaint quarter every Thursday nearer Christmas. Will let you know more when l hear more details.

The Laura Place fountain in ‘sleep mode’ once again.

Elsewhere l noticed the poor old fountain in Laura Place  had stopped running again. At least the algae-full water looks good against the blue sky. Here’s hoping monies can be found to buy a new pump for the old girl.

Down at our end of town the  battle to get action on the rat run that is our road continues to land on deaf ears. They put up a modest sign which no doubt heavy lorries won’t spot.

Our new sign – it’s huge! I don’t think!!

We have a cross roads at the top of our street and you can see the weight and width warning sign on the other side is really effective!

How effective is this sign – warning of weight and width restrictions?

We are waiting for a nasty accident because at the top of our road – on the cross roads with the old Gloucester Road – vehicles park right up to the corner so we cannot see what is coming.

Here’s the crossroads. Vehicles coming up our street – on the right – do not have a clear view to the right because vehicles park up to the corner!

They promised us white lines around the bus stop there which might discourage parking at that spot – but nothing has happened!

Maybe l will get some paint and do it myself!!

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  1. This Ferndale Road epic emphasises why I so enjoyed the fulfilment of being your elected councillor. Both Bryan Chalker and I continuously pressed for this problem to be sorted, even to the extent that dear old Chalks cleaned off all the growth and cleaned up the road name and warning signs.
    If my memory serves me, did we not get a sum of money allocated for a road survey? Did it ever get produced?

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