Bath’s lantern parade gets a revival!

A bit of good news to brighten our gathering autumnal gloom. Looks like all is NOT lost as far as Bath’s annual lantern procession is concerned.

One of the amazing lanterns from the Holburne Museum’s lantern processions which sadly have come to an end.

The original event –  which processed into the city centre along Great Pulteney Street – was organised by the Holburne Museum.

However they were reluctantly forced into dropping the attraction because it just cost too much in time and money.

Another lantern from the original Great Pulteney Street parade.

But now there’s hope on the horizon – thanks to Bath Fringe and the support of Walcot  traders.

To find out more, Bath Newseum went down to Walcot Street –  and to Bath Aqua Glass – to speak to Adrian Dolan.