On Your Bike Bath!

It’s national Cycle to Work Day today (Wednesday, September 13th) and BANES  is supporting efforts which encourage adults across the UK to get on their bike and give cycle commuting a go.

On your Bike Bath.

Councillor Mark Shelford (Conservative, Lyncombe), Cabinet Member for Transport and Highways, will be leading the way as he encourages Council staff and others to choose the healthy and environmentally-friendly option and get on their bikes.

Cllr Mark Shelford said: “As a cyclist myself, I can thoroughly recommend cycling to work as a great start to your day.

“Not only is it good for you, it can also save you money and help reduce congestion on our busy roads. As a major employer in our district, I am pleased that the Council is playing its part in supporting our existing cyclists and hopefully encouraging many more to give it a go and celebrate cycling next Wednesday.”

Established by the  Cyclescheme initiative in 2013, Cycle to Work Day is free for all participants. This year’s Cycle to Work day is on track to reach its goal of 1 million miles pledged and participating cyclists have the opportunity to win from a sponsored prize pot worth over £5,000.

Why cycle? Benefits include:

  • You’ll get there faster. Commute by bike in the UK’s major cities and you’ll get there in half the time of cars, research has shown
  • Health benefits include a boost for your immune system, reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, all types of cancer and type two diabetes
  • Cycling promotes weight loss
  • Research found cyclists inhale less pollution than car, bus and taxi passengers
  • Research for Cyclescheme has shown that regular cyclists state they experience less stress and feel better at work

Participants can sign up at CycletoWorkDay.org

Follow Cycle to Work Day on Facebook and Twitter to take part.

PS. Would help if council employees had more bike stands outside the Guildhall?